Pirate Passover By Judy Priss Ages 3-8

Pirate Passover By Judy Priss Ages 3-8

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A crew of pirates is getting their ship ready for Passover. They shine the rails, get rid of the chametz, and Captain Drew prepares the seder plate. Suddenly, waves start roaring and lightning flashes in the sky. As the ship start to rock in the storm, matzah balls roll into the ocean and sink. Washed ashore, the captain leads the crew to a house where the door is propped open wide. The pirates, and their pet, Bernie the parrot, are invited in to enjoy the seder and hear the Passover story. When the sky finally clears and the moon shines bright, the pirates say goodbye and sail off into the night.

The pirates are getting ready to celebrate Passover at sea, until their ship is washed ashore in a storm. What will they do? Luckily, they find a house with an open door, and everyone is invited in to enjoy the seder.

Author: Judy Press
Illustrator: Amanda Gulliver

Judy Press studied fine arts at Syracuse University and earned a masters in art education from the University of Pittsburgh. She is the creator of a dozen award-winning children's art activity books and early reader chapter books. A grandmother to ten, Press lives in Pittsburgh.

Amanda Gulliver uses collage, traditional painting, and digital art in her illustrations. She lives in the United Kingdom, with her husband, two daughters, and their two cats. She is often found on the beach building sand castles.
Ages: 3-8
Grades: PreK-2