A Carta Physical Map of Israel

A Carta Physical Map of Israel

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Product Description

Carta’s Physical Map of Israel is a massive, two-sided map outlining Israel and its autonomous areas, featuring over 3,500 locations, mountains, rivers and streams. The front side covers the northern area of Israel stretching down from the border of southern Lebanon. Here, readers can find various landmarks, such as the Gaza strip, the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, and the Judean desert. The other side covers the southern area of Israel from the Gaza strip down the Gulf of Eilat. Throughout the whole map, readers can find various Biblical locations, including Galilee, Judea, Samaria, the Sinai, and the Negev, among others. The back side features a detailed legend, outlining highways, streets, railway lines, airports, ports, and international borders. The map also includes a topographical color code, a scale in kilometers, a glossary of terms, and an index of map names.