Your Awesome Self Activate the Goodness You Want in your LifeBy Shterna Ginzberg

Your Awesome Self Activate the Goodness You Want in your LifeBy Shterna Ginzberg

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Imagine living without resentment and misery. Without feeling stuck.

Imagine living with courage, serenity and infinite possibilities

Welcome to the world of Your Awesome Self!

The 12 Principles of Energized Living has empowered thousands of women to activate transformational goodness in their lives.

In Your Awesome Self, Mrs. Shterna Ginsberg, workshop leader and spiritual coach, presents these principles in a format that puts a vast wealth of information at your fingertips. Ideal for group discussion or personal discovery, these pages are filled with effective strategies for upgrading the quality of your life and your relationships.

Written with the compassionate understanding of a fellow traveler navigating life’s struggles, Your Awesome Self contains personal encounters and authentic stories that will help you let go of toxic resentment, insecurity and helplessness as you embrace your inherent worthiness, dignity and unstoppable empowerment.

Discover Your Awesome Self.

“All those interested in authentic spiritual tools for emotional wellness, will find clarity and encouragement in this book. The author is known to me as one who has, baruch Hashem, successfully assisted countless students in applying Torah-true principles to their lives.” Rabbi Shais Taub, author and lecturer

Foreword by Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

Shterna Ginsberg is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is the founder of mosdos chinuch Gan Yisroel, where she has served as an educator since 1998. In 2012, she founded Energized Living, facilitating workshops where spiritual concepts are the practical tools for cultivating healthier relationships and joyous possibilities. Shterna is the editor of Connections, a newsletter published by Gan Yisroel and the author of Her lectures have been featured on the Kol Kevuda hotline and on