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This is a great institution in the New England Jewish community. To my knowledge, it's the only Judaica shop servicing the communities of Brookline, Newton, and greater Boston, They have a great array of books and Hebrew seforim, and they do a brisk online delivery business. The company doubles as a publisher of Jewish books, and they've produced some exciting titles, including a series of English translations/adaptations of the text Nesivos Sholom, by the late Slonimer Rebbe, Rav Sholom Noach Berezovsky, zt"l . I ordered recently a Sefer Tehillim, psalms, and it came relatively prompt in the mail, less than the USPS estimated delivery time. They have very cute Boston Judaica shtick, such as Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots yarmulkes, and to basically rub it in, I purchased a Yankees yarmulke, although I'd be afraid of wearing it. I'd probably be attacked for wearing it: in a local synagogue!
Daniel S. Brooklyn, NY - Daniel S. Brooklyn, NY
Buying anything at Israel Book Shop makes you feel pretty good inside..! It's one of those bookstores where you don't care that you can find the same item for cheaper on Amazon because it really is a special, local treasure. It's even fun to just pop in and browse- in addition to a very large selection of books, they have all things Jewish from jewelry, Judaica, music, candies and then some. The staff is always responsive and helpful, able to find exactly what you need or point you in the right direction. I feel really lucky to have this shop so close by, it's an amazing resource in addition to lending wonderful character to the Brookline community. I hope it sticks around forever!
Grace M. Charlestown, Boston, MA - Grace M. Charlestown, Boston, MA
I was not raised Jewish, but after learning that I have Jewish ancestors, I was interested in learning more about Judaism. I thought picking up some books might be helpful, so I visited Israel Book Shop.

The selection of Jewish literature here is expansive! Almost the whole first floor is Jewish and Israeli books, and there is a downstairs section of books in Hebrew. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for.

Not only is there nearly every Jewish book imaginable, but a considerable amount of other Judaica is sold here as well.

The staff were helpful and polite.

I will definitely return if I have further needs for Judaica.
L. K. Brookline, MA - L. K. Brookline, MA
What a great resource for the Jewish community of New England. This is the largest, most diverse source of Jewish books, art, music, and other Judaica, in all of New England. The staff has been helpful, and the selection of books, unbeatable.

Too many people try to save money by shopping online, but you often don't really know what you've bought until it arrives. When you shop here, you not only help support local business, but you get to see and and handle items. You can't do that on E-Bay or Amazon.

If you want to browse through a large variety of kipot, tallitot (prayer shawls), kiddush cups, shofarim (ram's horns, for Rosh HaShanah), mezuzah scrolls and cases, spice boxes, candle holders, siddurim, etc., this is the place to do it.
Robert N. Nashua, NH - Robert N. Nashua, NH
The Israel Book Shop is hands down the best store to buy not only every book on Judaism you can find, but also all Judaica necessities (tzitzit, mezuzot, challah covers, music, etc.). Although some things can be a little pricey (compared to online), the store is very helpful and has everything and more to cover all of your Judaica needs.
Jeff H. Los Angeles, CA - Jeff H. Los Angeles, CA
I called upon my inner-Jew to think where I could find a reasonably priced, beautiful set of candle holders for the Shabbat tradition I was about to create in my small 2 bedroom apartment. It was as if a burning bush told me that even without a name or store destination, I would find what I was looking for in Brookline. So I travelled for 40 days and 40 nights (or I might have taken the C train) to Coolidge Corner and aimlessly walked down Harvard St., wandering in and out of small stores and shops. When my hopes were about to dissipate, like light shining down from the heavens, there it was: the Israel Book Shop. (I might have giggled to myself at this point in the story.) They had everything that I could have desired: jewelry, Red Sox hats written in hebrew and best of all, beautiful- reasonably priced candle sticks. I checked out with the friendly staff, informed not to leave the $2 pack of candles I purchased in the blistering sun and was on my way. I will without a doubt venture another journey to the Israel Book Shop for any of my Jew-needs.. so if you'd like to join me, you just have to promise not to praise a golden calf on the way.
Rani P. Boston, MA - Rani P. Boston, MA
The people at the Israel Book Shop are phenomenal. I've had many many more than pleasant shopping experiences there. They are very helpful, pointing customers in the right directions for all their Jewish needs. Today was especially amazing. I was looking for a platta (a warming tray) and the cheapest one that they had was fancier than I needed and more than I wanted to spend. They sent me down the street to a housewares store, saying that sometimes they have one for less. And they did. I saved $40, all because of the kindness of the salesperson here. What a great way to do business!
Rachel S. Brookline, MA - Rachel S. Brookline, MA
Going in here would make my bebbe proud! A diverse selection of Jewish and Israeli books that suit modern and traditional teachings and general reading. Helpful, non-intimidating staff too!
Sandra M. Cambridge, MA - Sandra M. Cambridge, MA
It is a pleasure to visit the Israel Book Shop when I am in town. I love it. People help me even though I am obviously not an Orthodox Jew. I do wish, however, that they had a queer section and a "So, you're marrying a Christian, it's okay, you are still a big Jew yourself" section. Besides that, I love the store!
Abi W. San Diego, CA - Abi W. San Diego, CA
Well it's the only place in town for a real selection of seforim, which are priced really cheap if you ask me, unlike everything else in the store. Sometimes I go there just to read.
Jeff A. Somerville, MA - Jeff A. Somerville, MA
Well, this is right in the middle of the most Jewish part of Brookline, and there are lots of Jewish books... and Israeli books. They also have a lot of somewhat random Israeli merchandise. Like Dead Sea mud products, Hebrew Harry Potter, Shabbat video games, oh, and they have Israeli music.

Anyway, it's a pretty cool place... (if anyone can write a better review than this one, please do. I just thought this shop should definitely be on Yelp).
Dan B. Newton, MA - Dan B. Newton, MA