Wisdom to Heal the Earth By Tzvi Freeman

Wisdom to Heal the Earth By Tzvi Freeman

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Published by: Ezra Press and Chabad.org
Author: Tzvi Freeman
Language: English
Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover, 516 pages

In Bringing Heaven Down To Earth, Tzvi Freeman explored an original means to deliver the wisdom of a great sage of our times, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, known universally as simply “the Rebbe.” Using pithy yet highly readable, brief meditations, that book unveiled for us a deeper meaning to life and provided practical guidance to weather its waves and storms. It is a book that changed tens of thousands of lives.

Now, in Wisdom to Heal the Earth, Freeman continues with that winning format, this time along with complementary brief essays. But now he takes us yet further, peering toward the Rebbe’s vision of a world towards which all humanity is headed, and demonstrating how the details of our everyday lives are vital, crucial, and today especially urgent in reaching that grand and ultimate destiny.

In Jewish parlance we call this Tikun Olam—the notion that we all enter this world with a mission to accomplish: to repair and perfect our assigned share of the world, so that it can become the world its Creator meant it to be.