Why Weren't You, Zisha? By Tanya Michal

Why Weren't You, Zisha? By Tanya Michal

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Product Description

Reb Zisha, Reb Pinchas and others, Are people we want you to meet
Children love hearing their stories, Reading each one's quite a treat.
Read me a story
There's magic in those words. It's the magic that takes place when a child's imagination is engaged.
It's the wonder of learning a new word or discovering a new world.
It's the excitement of poring over a picture, the satisfaction of that final happy ending. Why Weren't You Zishe is a book full of that kind of magic.
In Why Weren't You Zishe and Other Stories, wide-eyed youngsters will meet a wonderful group of real people who will enthrall them while connecting them to some of the great Chassidic masters
They will be introduced to the Baal Shem Tov, the Rebbe Reb Zishe,
and Reb Pinchas of Koretz - and in rhyme that's so much fun, the stories practically read themselves.
Children love pictures, and this book is full of them, with details that will delight and absorb them. They'll even get to prepare for Shabbos.
The kids will clamor to go through this book again and again - that's why it has a reinforced binding and stain-proof cover.
Zaidy, Mommy, Abba and Bubby - even siblings and babysitters! - will enjoy these charming stories and marvelous illustrations almost as much as the little ones.
And they'll be reading them over and over, since this is the book that the children are going to ask for, whenever they want you to "read me a story.