Values in Halakha By Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

Values in Halakha By Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

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Halakha is the all-encompassing source of normative Jewish conduct, and values and ethics are among Judaism’s most important and fundamental aims. In this volume, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein masterfully plots the interplay of law and ethics. Drawing on his vast knowledge of classic Jewish sources, the analytic depth of the Brisker tradition, and his wide grasp of Western scholarship and thought, Rabbi Lichtenstein charts how values are intertwined with the details of Halakha and inform its general worldview. Exploring such topics as the relationship between individual and community, the extent to which Halakha encourages or demands altruism, and the role of humanistic concerns in practical halakhic determination, Rabbi Lichtenstein analyzes rulings of halakhic giants in context of the relevant source material. The result is a first-of-its kind study that offers a lucid yet extensive presentation of detailed halakhic points that combine to form a broad tapestry of the most basic questions of values in Halakha.