Travel Guide to Jewish Europe By Ben Frank

Travel Guide to Jewish Europe By Ben Frank

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More than six decades after World War II, an abundance of Jewish institutions and cultural activities endures within a world that dates back over two thousand years―Jewish Europe. This newly updated handbook guides first-time and well-seasoned travelers to Jewish customs, local neighborhoods, and historical sites in Europe. From kosher dining in France to memorials in Scandinavia, this book combines practical information, intriguing stories, and an enlightening investigation into the many Jewish contributions to European history. It is a perfect companion for those seeking their roots in Europe or for those searching for places where relatives and friends once lived.

Ben G. Frank, a journalist and a consultant to airlines and tourist offices, is president of the Frank Promotion Group. He has frequently traveled to Russia and has spent years researching this book. A member of numerous international press organizations, he has published articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide and is known as one of the most authoritative travel writers on Jewish communities and culture. Frank also is the author of A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe, published by Pelican.