Torah IQ: The Great Torah Riddle Book by David Woolf

Torah IQ: The Great Torah Riddle Book by David Woolf

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David Woolf was born in England and grew up in Toronto. His professional activity was in the plastics industry. His communal activity included more than three decades running the youth minyan at Congregation B'nai Torah in Toronto, forty years as the lay head of NCSY Canada, and involvement on the lay boards of JFCS, COR Kashruth Council and Jews for Judaism. He and his wife, Fran, make their home in Toronto, Canada, and Hashmonaim, Israel. They love travelling and meeting with Jewish communities in the countries they visit, and he hopes one day to be recognized by Guiness World Records as having served as "baal kriah" (Torah reader) in the most countries in the world (over thirty thus far and still counting). They have been blessed (bli ayin hara) with five children and sixteen grandchildren (kain yirbu).

"These quizzes can transform a Shabbos table into an exciting, engrossing and enjoyable experience."

- RABBI DR. SHOLOM GOLD, Rabbi Emeritus, Kehillat Zichron Yoseph, Har Nof

TORAH IQ: The Great Torah Riddle Book

More than 1,500 questions and answers on the parshiyot, the calendar, the chagim, halachot and Torah trivia-perfect for different ages and levels of knowledge.

"With this sefer in hand, a whole new generation of young Jews will be excited to make our precious Torah part of their life."

- RABBI YIRMIYA MILEVSKY, Rabbi, Congregation B'nai Torah, Toronto