The Torah With Rashi's Commentary Hebrew-Russian 5 Volume Set

The Torah With Rashi's Commentary Hebrew-Russian 5 Volume Set

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Rashi's classic commentary on the Torah, presented with a level of clarity and understanding you never thought possible.
What textual difficulty troubled Rashi? Why did he choose this particular comment? How does the Torah's language indicate Rashi's p'shat? To which passage in the Targum does Rashi refer? Anyone who studies Rashi, "the father of all commentators,'' will have questions like these. Behind the deceptive simplicity of Rashi is a depth and clarity that has engaged the minds of great scholars for over eight hundred years.
Chumash text, translated according to Rashi
The full and accurate text of Rashi in Russian
Notes on Rashi, including questions, answers, sources, and elucidations
Written by a team of experts on Rashi, in collaboration with a group of outstanding scholars
Reinforced binding for teachers, for students, for parents, for anyone seeking a clear and thorough knowledge of Chumash-Rashi
Project Manager David Palant
Translation of the Torah David Safronov, Ishaya Gisser
Translation of the Rashi commentaries: Alexander Feigin, David Safronov, Amechaye Even-Israel
Editor David YItzchaki
Scientific Editors Uri Hershovich, Tatyana Kalinina
Transliteration Basya Sominskaya