The Simchah of Marriage A Life Of Connection by Rochel Miller & Rebecca Allen

The Simchah of Marriage A Life Of Connection by Rochel Miller & Rebecca Allen

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Every woman has the ability to joyously develop her relationship with Hashem and to build herself through the circumstances of her life. Every woman can be a world of positive influence for those around her. But sometimes, we need a little help figuring out how to do it.

Ohel Rochel is the instruction manual we need.

For over twenty-five years, Rochel Miller has shared the wisdom of this sefer with women all over the world. The Simchah of Marriage is a taste of her classes: a combination of deep Torah ideas coupled with practical exercises and easy-to-remember catchphrases. This is the mesorah of learning to understand who we are and maximizing our potential to create a life and a marriage brimming with the satisfaction of simchah.

“Rochel Miller’s classes transformed my marriage and my life. She taught me that if you change your own attitude and behavior, you will change your marriage — with amazing results.”

Sara Yoheved Rigler, bestselling author

“Mrs. Miller's shiurim on building the Jewish home have changed the lives of thousands.”

Rabbi Leib Kelemen, Rosh Kollel, Center for Kehillah Development

Rochel Miller was raised in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Holocaust survivors. She married Manny Miller, z”l, and together they raised a beautiful, growing family in Queens, NY, until they immigrated to Israel in 1993. Mrs. Miller spent her first eleven years in Israel learning the secrets of the eternal Jewish home with Rebbetzin Talya Helfer. The class was based on the sefer, Ohel Rochel. Realizing that this precious learning was missing in the English-speaking world, Mrs. Miller was inspired to share her learning through teaching. Her classes began in Jerusalem 25 years ago, and now take place in person and over Zoom in Israel, USA, South Africa and England. The classes have been called “life-changing,” “healing,” and “medicine for our generation.” This book, The Simchah of Marriage, is a continuation of Mrs. Miller’s classes, a gift for the many women who have felt deprived and unaware of the true inner peace and goals of the Jewish marriage. Information about Mrs. Miller’s classes and hashkafic marriage counseling can be found on our website,

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rebecca has a BA in Bible from Stern College and an MA in Medieval Jewish History from Revel. For over two decades she had the privilege, together with her husband, Rabbi Ely Allen, and their children, to run the Jewish Outreach Network kiruv organization from their home in New Jersey. In 2015 the Allen family made aliyah to Ramat Beit Shemesh. In addition to writing this book, Rebecca has also done freelance writing and editing for several publications, and occasionally posts Torah thoughts on her website,