The Seventh Beggar. A Novel by Pearl Abraham

The Seventh Beggar. A Novel by Pearl Abraham

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Set in the Chasidic world of Monsey, New York, a brilliantly original, provocative novel about storytelling and the limits of creation. The Seventh Beggar begins with a contemporary young man's obsession with the legendary nineteenth-century Chasidic master, Nachman of Bratslav-kabbalist, storyteller, and charismatic whose cult following persists to this day. The legends and life of Nachman inform the novel, in particular Nachman's famously unfinished ""Tales of the Seven Beggars,"" which serves as the inspiration for Pearl Abraham's own bold and innovative story about the glories and pitfalls of originality. A translation of Nachman's tales from the original Yiddish is included in full in the novel itself. In its connections between myth and modern life, its mingling of genres, its playful conflations of dream life and reality, ""The Seventh Beggar"" breaks new literary ground. It upends conventions, thwarts expectations, and all the while compels us with its memorable characters, its narrative momentum , and its creation of a familiar yet dreamlike landscape, in which imagination simultaneously triumphs and destroys."