The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide To Help You Understand and Shape Your Child's Behavior

The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide To Help You Understand and Shape Your Child's Behavior

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Product Description

Is your child anxious, too sensitive, or frequently angry?
Is she overly talkative or withdrawn?
Is he having problems at home, school, or play?

The Parent-Child Dance will show you how to help your child and improve your relationship.
  • Discover the reasons behind your child's behavior
  • Help him feel more confident
  • Give her the keys she needs to develop self-awareness
  • Help him connect with his peers
  • Create a more joyful parent-child relationship.

    The Parent-Child Dance gives you the tools you need to understand and shape your child's behavior. It's packed with over 80 activities, ideas and tips developed by an award-winning occupational therapist. The activities in The Parent-Child Dance have already helped hundreds of real-life children and their families — and they can be done in your own home, without special training or expensive equipment.

  • Hardcover
    About the Author
    Miriam Manela, OTR/L, of The Parent-Child Dance, is a pediatric behavioral expert, known for her workshops which give parents, teachers, and therapists the tools they need to help the children in their care.
    As the founder of Thrive OT, Miriam specializes in helping parents and children learn about and improve behavioral, sensory, and other challenges. Miriam uses a creative, integrative treatment approach and works closely with parents to help them achieve a healthy, responsive, and mutually satisfying parent-child relationship.
    Miriam’s popular blog,, features unique articles on parenting, behavior, and topics related to pediatric occupational therapy.
    C.R. Zwolinskiis a writer, editor, book coach and communications specialist.