The JGuy's Guide: The GPS for Jewish Teen Guys. By Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler

The JGuy's Guide: The GPS for Jewish Teen Guys. By Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler

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Insights, Ideas and Activities for Discussing with Teen Guys What It Means to Become a Jewish Man

A step-by-step guide to creative use of The JGuy’s Guide: A GPS for Jewish Teen Guys in the classroom or at home. For each chapter in the book, this guide includes enough material for two or three hour-long lessons, each featuring: 

  • Clearly stated goals
  • A warm-up activity
  • Guidance on using portions of the book, along with engaging discussion questions
  • A text selection, in Hebrew and English, connected to the topic of the lesson
This comprehensive teaching tool will help you create a safe space for personal sharing and learning.
Who am I? How do I feel about myself? Do I seem cool? Do I fit in?
"At a bar mitzvah people talk about becoming a man in the Jewish religion, but what is that supposed to mean? For sure it means you are no longer a child, but you are also not yet an adult.
Fortunately, there's no one official definition of manhood, just as there is no one official way of being Jewish. That's where this book comes in." - from the Preface

Courage, friends, stress, sex, God, identity - these are some of the things that concern teen guys.
This book addresses those concerns - without preaching, judgment or criticism - to help you figure out what becoming a Jewish man means to you.
It presents surprising facts, interesting stories, ideas and actions taken by Jewish men today and all the way back to biblical times to show how they answered the same kinds of questions you're asking yourself. It challenges stereotypes and myths, and offers different opinions, not only from old guys but from dozens of teenage Jewish guys just like you.
Like the Talmud, The JGuy's Guide offers many perspectives and reflection questions to help you find your own truths.