The Illuminated Shabbos Shiron By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

The Illuminated Shabbos Shiron By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

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A treasury of Grace After Meals and Zemiros, translation, transliteration, commentary, laws, customs and songs.
The Gibber Edition

Much more than a bencher, this volume captures the entire Shabbos experience! From preparing for Shabbos through Havdallah, you’ll learn about the customs, traditions, laws and zemiros for Shabbos, with exquisite illumination and inspiring commentary.

  • Large 6" x 9" Format
The Artist and Author Rabbi Yonah Weinrib specializes in elaborate manuscript illumination, combining a wide array of art techniques and media to enhance his exacting calligraphy.  An accomplished author as well as an artist, he has published volumes on Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, the Jewish wedding, Hallel, the Manuscript Shiron...