The Hanukkah Trike. By Michelle Edwards

The Hanukkah Trike. By Michelle Edwards

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Age Levels: 3-6, Grades: Preschool-1
Pages: 24
8.00" x 10.00"
Illustrations: Full color
Gabi Greenberg loved Hanukkah. She loved to watch the sun go down. She loved to see the sky grow dark. When the stars appeared, she loved to light the menorah.
When Gabi receives a new tricycle, she names it "Hanukkah" and vows to ride it everywhere. On her first try she falls off the trike, but she finds the courage to try again by remembering the brave Maccabees and their struggle and victory over King Antiochus and his army.
"I did it! I'm brave like the Maccabees!" And Gabi and Hanukkah went speeding down the sidewalk