The Hanukkah Hop! By Erica Silverman

The Hanukkah Hop! By Erica Silverman

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Rachelís twirling streamers Daddy blows up blue balloons Mommy sizzles latkes as she hums a Hanukkah tune.
It's Hanukkah! It's a time to celebrate family and enjoy festive traditions. As Rachel and her parents prepare the house, grandparents, cousins, and friends travel from near and far to sing and tell stories. Together, they will light candles, play games, and eat scrumptuous holiday foods... and, of course, dance the Hanukkah Hop. The stamping, the hopping, and the bim-bim-bopping is sure to go on all night!
Erica Silverman's lively, rollicking text is sure to inspire every member of the family in celebrating the Festival of Lights!