The Case for Israel. By Alan Dershowitz

The Case for Israel. By Alan Dershowitz

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"Dershowitz is one of the nation's most prominent and visible defense attorneys, and he is also an ardent, eloquent, but not always uncritical defender of Israel
This book is written in the form of a legal brief. He does not seek to defend particular policies of the current Israeli government.
In fact, Dershowitz has frequently criticized some Israeli policies toward Palestinians, particularly regarding West Bank settlements.
Rather, here he attempts to rebut what he views as the more general and blatantly discriminatory criticisms of Israel as a state and culture.
Some of these criticisms deny the 'right' of Israel to exist. In response, Dershowitz asserts both the practical and moral justification for the continued existence of Israel as Jewish state.
He also convincingly refutes several other oft-repeated myths, including the supposedly benign treatment of Jews in Arab lands and
'the cycle of violence' canard that morally equates Palestinian suicide bombings with Israeli efforts to arrest or kill bombers before they act
As usual, Dershowitz is a passionate but generally fair and honest advocate for his position"