Step Inside My Classroom By Malky Brailofsky

Step Inside My Classroom By Malky Brailofsky

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I decided to think positive. This is going to work. Tomorrow is going to be wonderful, and so will the next day, and the next week. Why should I worry now about failing again?

As an idealistic seminary student, she dreamed of inspiring and motivating others. As a new sixth-grade teacher, she encountered failure and embarrassment but she didn’t despair. With tefillah, perseverance, and siyatta d’Shmaya, MalkyBrailofsky grew into a master mechaneches beloved by all. What is the secret of her success? How did this dynamic and innovative high school teacher deal with pranks and chutzpah? How did she have the courage to abolish midterms and finals?

From out of the box chesed projects to classroom “breakouts,” Step Inside My Classroom tells the heartwarming story of a great woman who impartlessons that extend far beyond the classroom walls. Morah Brailofskyis a bastion of inspiration to her colleagues and students alike.— Rebbetzin Chana TabakDeanMesilas Bais Yaakov 

Mrs. Malky Brailofsky models the tremendous determination of a truly devoted teacher who does not give up on herself or her students.— Rebbetzin Esther ReismanTeacher and administrator, BYA High School

The most impressive part of this book is its reality. Mrs. Brailofsky not only wrote this book — she lives this book.”— Mrs. Shaindy BlumingMenahelesBais Brocho High School