Shalom Coloring III: Animals of the Bible

Shalom Coloring III: Animals of the Bible

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Product Description

This new coloring collection features thirty-four stunning depictions of Biblical animal stories that have inspired generations. From Rebekah drawing water for camels, to Jonah's refuge inside the whale, to Daniel in the lion's den, each coloring page is paired with its corresponding Biblical passages, and evokes tales that are mythic and inspiring.

Specifically designed for adults, these beautiful images will help colorists find focus and calm within the wisdom, beauty, and creatures of the Bible.
Judy Dick is the author and co-illustrator of Shalom Coloring III. She has also contributed artwork to Shalom Coloring, More Shalom Coloring and is the author of the Building Jewish Identity series. She studied art at both Yeshiva University and Pratt Institute, and is currently an editor at Scholastic. She looks forward to trying her hand at coloring in the intricate pages of this book.

One of Freddie Levin's earliest memories is sitting at her grandmother's kitchen table coloring with her bright and chunky crayons. Since then, she has graduated to more intricate tools, and
Freddie's coloring pages have been featured in Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book?, Shalom Coloring, and More Shalom Coloring.