Selected Paragraphs from Arfilei Tohar (Religious Zionism). By Rav Avraham-Yitzchak ha-Cohen Kook

Selected Paragraphs from Arfilei Tohar (Religious Zionism). By Rav Avraham-Yitzchak ha-Cohen Kook

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The History of the Book Arfilei Tohar
Arfilei Tohar was written by Rav Kook as part of his philosophical journal, in Jaffa, between 1904 and 1914. In the spring of 1914, Kook submitted the manuscript for publication and wrote to his son, Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook (then in Europe), that he wanted to publish it exactly as it had sprung from his pen so that it would be alive and fresh.
In the 1920s and 30s, many excerpts from Arfilei Tohar, as well as other segments of Kook's philosophical journal, were included in the books Orot and Orot haKodesh, which were compiled by R. Tzvi
Yehuda Kook and R. David HaCohen (Nazir), but the book itself was not reprinted in its entirety until 1983. Edits were made to the second edition, which were intended to soften some of Kook's harsher or more radical assertions, and thus to prevent less enlightened readers from drawing incorrect conclusions. (This danger, which was the reason for such a long delay in publishing the complete text, exists, of course, today as well.) When the 1983 edition came out, several scholars of Rav Kook compared it with the first 1914 edition and discovered these revisions.
Finally, in 1994, the original manuscripts of Rav Kook's complete philosophical journals became fully available, with all omissions restored, under the title Shemonah Kevatsim (Eight Journals; the second journal in the collection comprises Arfilei Tohar). Both publications were later reissued.
Unlike Shemonah Kevatsim, the 1983 edition lacks paragraph numbers. For this reason, page numbers are used for citations of passages from that volume, and paragraph numbers for excerpts from Shemonah Kevatsim.