Raising Spiritual Champs Including Yourself by Miriam Adahan

Raising Spiritual Champs Including Yourself by Miriam Adahan

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The first thing my toddler did when I brought our new baby home was spit at him!” 

My ten-year-old is being bullied in class and hategoing to school.” 

My twelve-year-old is having explosive tantrums.

Most people are familiar with IQ, but what about EQ? Emotional intelligence means having an awareness of your own and others’ feelings, having the ability to self-reflect, and being able to regulate emotions when life is hardThese are skills we want our children and ourselves to have. Turn discomfort and loss into spiritual growth. Recognize and encourage actof love, self-discipline, and trust.

Using CBT techniques, help your children become b'nei Aliyahspiritual champs” and encode into their mindthe ideas of acceptance, boundaries, and gratitudeChock-full of toolstips, and success stories, this latest gem from best-selling author Dr. Miriam Adahan will help your children become the spiritual champs they are meant to be. Dr. Miriam Adahan is a psychologist, therapist, and a prolific author whose works include EMETTLiving with Difficult PeopleRaising Children to CareIt’s All a GiftAwarenessand Nobody’s Perfect

Dr. Adahan’s techniques stop arguments between kids and help them find solutions.” L.S. 

I’ve never seen such a concise and practical overview of CBT in parenting. It’s encouraging, insightful, and immediately usable in a practical way. It’s a gem!” R.R.

I wish I’d had this book when my children were little, but I can use it now to improve the parenting of my young adult children.” C.R.