Rabbi Shimon. Fragments From the Book Zohar

Rabbi Shimon. Fragments From the Book Zohar

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One of the great books in human culture, Zohar (Light) has its own dramatic destiny. It is the basic source of the Jewish kabbalah. For Judaism mystical rise at the end of the Middle Ages has appeared a prologue to mystical rise XVI-XVIII centuries, religious creativity of the Spanish Jews carried in itself a germ of the future creativity of Jews of Palestin, Turkey, Italy and Poland. It happened because in hands of Jews there was book Zogar.

table of contents

Preface to the second edition of an interpreter
Preface to the first edition of an interpreter.
Rabbi Shimon in the Talmud and the Midrashim

The cave
Rabbi Shimon comes out of the cave
Creation of Man
Exodus from Egypt
About Prayer
The poor victim
Rabbi Chiya before Rabbi Shimon
Crying and joy
Expulsion of the destroying angel
Updating the words of the Torah
Trees Rabbi Pinchas
Rav Gemnuna Sava
The greatness of Rabbi Shimon
Night of Shavuot
Rabbi Shimon in Babylon
The combination with Divinity
Praise Rabbi Shimon
Vyšna color
Rabbi Shimon's disease
mystery of sewage
Home Hydra's Slaves
End of Hydra Slaves
The Angel of Death
Home Hydra Zuty
End of Hydra Zuty.
The death of Rabbi Shimon
Visions of Rabbi Yehuda
In Heaven School

The book is about the righteous
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