Principled Uncertainty: A Quantum Exploration of Maimonides’ Perfect & Infinite God

Principled Uncertainty: A Quantum Exploration of Maimonides’ Perfect & Infinite God


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 By Ari Tuchman
"The keen analysis of the superior scientist and the sincere searching of a passionate religious soul are beautifully merged in this magnificent work by Dr. Ari Tuchman. Even those of us who are less well versed in quantum physics cannot fail to share in the sense of awe, profundity and spiritual elevation that emerges from reading this book." - Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary

"The compatibility or incompatibility of science and theology, and Jewish philosophy in particular, has long been a topic of discussion by experts from both sides. In this very original book, Dr. Ari Tuchman introduces quantum mechanics into the picture and sheds a deep and surprising light into an old arena, about which we had thought nothing new could be said." - Prof. Alexander Lubotzky, Weizmann Institute of Science, 2018 Israel Prize Winner in Mathematics and Computer Science, Former member of Knesset

Principled Uncertainty explores how quantum mechanics can provide a lens to approaching theological challenges. Focusing mainly on the theology of Maimonides, Dr. Tuchman demonstrates how quantum mechanics can provide novel solutions to ancient tensions between logic and tradition. Theological inconsistencies magnified by a reliance on classical physics are revisited considering quantum innovation. This work examines Maimonides’ theories of providence, prayer, miracles and the infinity of the Divine, by leveraging analogies from contemporary quantum thought. These analyses provide a framework for extracting theological underpinnings of conflicting Rabbinic views on creation, the boundaries between earth and heaven, and the possibility of the Divine-human relationship. This volume encourages a rational believer to utilize modern scientific advances to uncover new insights into the traditional notion of an immanent and approachable God.

Ari Tuchman is an atomic physicist and entrepreneur who has spent his career extracting hidden information from underlying noise. His PhD and subsequent work at Yale and Stanford focused on precision measurement with quantum states. This led to the launch of Entanglement Technologies, a quantum sensor company for trace gas detection. He then launched Quantifind, an artificial intelligence company for discovering money laundering and foreign malign influence. The motivation for this work began by studying Maimonides with Prof. Isadore Twersky, and paralleled a decades-long passion for interdisciplinary hidden signal discovery. Tuchman lives in Palo Alto, CA, with his wife, Liora, and their five children.