PRIME GRILL COOKBOOK, THE Redefining the Kosher Experience

PRIME GRILL COOKBOOK, THE Redefining the Kosher Experience

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Joey Allaham realized a dream when, in 2000, he opened the first high-end kosher steakhouse in New York. The elegant restaurant, located in Midtown Manhattan, slowly gained fame for its commitment to quality and flavor while maintaining the strictest kosher guidelines. The creativity of offerings exploded with the hiring of Chef David Kolotkin eighteen months later. He and owner Allaham work in tandem to devise and present some of the most innovative kosher dishes to be found in any restaurant. Allaham�s traditional meat preparation has brought national and international acclaim.
The restaurant is regularly featured on Page Six of the New York Post and in other publications and, for the past eight years, has been selected as New York City�s number one kosher restaurant by Zagat. The Prime Grill Cookbook takes you inside this outstanding restaurant at the forefront of the kosher culinary revolution around the world. With this book in hand, every cook will be able to recreate some of Kolotkin�s signature dishes, whether the kitchen is kosher or not. With an eclectic collection of recipes that feature Tupperware�, Ziploc� bags, a vegetable mandolin, and chef�s tips, this cookbook provides secrets to the restaurant�s hugely successful menu.
Mouthwatering signature recipes include Smoked BBQ Short Ribs, Texas Style Rib Eye, Chicken and Waffle Nuggets with Maple Syrup Dip, Sweet New Jersey Corn Flan with Saut�ed Mushrooms, Quinoa Cake �Latkes,� Apricot Glazed Beignets, Southern Pecan and Chocolate Chip Pie, Rosemary Potato Chips, and a host of dairy-free desserts as well as a foundation of stocks, sauces, and dressings.