Pirkei Avos Treasury - 3 Volume Slipcased Set (Personal Size)

Pirkei Avos Treasury - 3 Volume Slipcased Set (Personal Size)

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Product Description

The Sages' guide to living, with an anthologized commentary and anecdotes
By Rabbi Moshe Lieber (Author) Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Editor) Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Introduction)
Between the covers of this book, Pirkei Avos is illuminated with a commentary anthologized from two thousand years of Rabbinic literature
More - the ideas are leavened with a scintillating collection of anecdotes and insights that cast a glow of experience and inspirational practice on the maxims of our Talmudic 'fathers.'
It has been said that Pirkei Avos contains the way of life of the Torah’s sages. How apt!
This volume is a gift from parent to child, a precious gift indeed
It has been Israel’s treasured legacy for centuries - with this beautiful commentary it belongs in every Jewish heart and home
Binding: Slipcased Set / Pages: 439
Dimensions: 4 1/2 x 6 3/8