Pirkei Avos: Sfas Emes

Pirkei Avos: Sfas Emes

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Pirkei Avos
With Ideas and Insights
of the SFAS EMES
& other Chassidic masters
by Rabbi Yehudah Alter
Edited by Rabbi Yosef Stern
Based on the Sfas Emes' profound teachings on Pirke Avos as well as those of earlier Chassidic leaders who inspired him and the teachings of his successors
Consisting of almost a thousand divrei Torah, from the Sfas Emes' commentary on Avos,
compiled by his grandson Rav Avraham Yissachar Binyamin Alter, from an original manuscript of the Sfas Emes
and the oral recollections of his family, and from the many teachings pertaining to Avos from the Sfas Emes other works
In Hebrew and a free translation / paraphrase in English.(489 Pages)