Out of the Box: How to use the Enneagram to Transform Yourself and Your Relationships

Out of the Box: How to use the Enneagram to Transform Yourself and Your Relationships

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"What a fascinating read! The examples in this book are those that we can all relate to and learn from. This book can be a life-changer for those who want to get a better understanding of who they really are and who are the people they interact with. I suspect that many relationships will improve in a wonderful way and it will assist in working on all the middos we strive to perfect. This book can be particularly effective in helping teachers and parents learn more about their students and children. It is a must- read for all those working with children!"

Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg,

prolific author and esteemed educator


"In Out of the Box, Shaindy Perl provides a fine illumination of personality types, based on the Enneagram personality system. The insightful observations that appear in each chapter, as well as the personalized affirmations for each personality type, make this a genuine self-help book...

"I believe parents, educators, professionals, and all individuals committed to personal growth and positive interpersonal relationships will find Out of the Box to be an indispensable tool. With the book's practical information and valuable insights, readers can truly transform themselves and their relationships, learning how to stop making ego-based decisions and how to fill their homes, classrooms, and businesses with tolerance, acceptance, and compassion."

From the Foreword by

Dr. Dovid Lieberman,

renowned lecturer and bestselling author