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It's time for Hanukkah, and Nathan and his grandfather decide to visit the city. There are many shops with new toys and mouth-watering candy, but Nathan has saved his money all year for one thing - his very own menorah.
With his grandfather in tow, he goes to many Jewish stores, but no one has that perfect menorah. All of the ones in the stores are either too flashy or too expensive. One fits in his palm and holds birthday candles.
Another has mosaic tiles and is shaped like the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Just when Nathan is about to go home, his grandfather comes to the rescue and tells Nathan about the timeless tradition of bargaining. At first, Nathan doesn't see how this might help, but then walking home, he spots a tarnished menorah in the basement window of a junk shop. Before long, he has struck a deal with the shopkeeper and finally owns his perfect menorah.
By Jacqueline Dembar Greene
Illustrated by Judith Hierstein