Mitokh Ha-Ohel / From Within the Tent: The Haftarot

Mitokh Ha-Ohel / From Within the Tent: The Haftarot

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These essays range from textual analysis to homiletic exposition to halakhic analysis to academic exploration and to all points in- between. What they share in common is the goal of bringing a wide range of approaches towards the honoring, elucidating, and exploring of our holy Tanakh.Every Shabbat, Yom Tov, and fast day, we are presented with a dual opportunity to learn and to be inspired: we read from the Torah, the direct word of God; and we couple that with a parallel selection from the Nevi'im, the word of God through His prophets. While the history of this development is complex, the result is that this second reading allows us to complement the first with a new focus, which deepens our understanding of the message of the parashah or the occasion through the medium of the prophetic mission. Show More Show Less