Machzor Rosh Hashanah Nusach Ari Chabad: Annotated Deluxe Edition Hebrew-Russian

Machzor Rosh Hashanah Nusach Ari Chabad: Annotated Deluxe Edition Hebrew-Russian

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Product Description

Easy to read with a clear Hebrew and Russian typesetting along with easy to follow instructions. The enormous effort F.R.E.E. invested in translating, editing and designing this Machzor is apparent throughout its 768 pages.
The Russian Annotated Machzor has the same annotations and instructions as the acclaimed English Annotated Machzor, published by Kehot, and reproduced the original Hebrew text from the English Annotated Machzor.
With clear and easy to follow instructions, even a person praying for the very first time can pick it up and start praying, without guidance. This new Machzor, is expected to enhance worshiper participation, increase enthusiasm, create a more meaningful synagogue experience around the world.
Russian Annotated Machzor translates the Machzor, Nusach Ha-ari Zal, according to the text of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, who researched many different versions of the Machzor and subjected every word to careful scrutiny, making it linguistically faultless according to all the complexities of Hebrew grammar and syntax. He also incorporated into the text every detail and intention of Lurianic Kabbalah, in addition to meticulously following the Talmudic and Halachic rulings concerning the prayers.
The Machzor includes a in depth introduction on the deeper meaning of Rosh Hashanah, it also includes a detailed presentation of the laws and customs relating to Rosh Hashanah and its prayers.
This Machzor will also be helpful for synagogues who call out the pages during the prayers as it has matching page numbers to the English Annotated Machzor.