Living Beautifully How to bring meaning, joy, and love into your life By Gila Ross

Living Beautifully How to bring meaning, joy, and love into your life By Gila Ross

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Based  on the timeless wisdom of Pirkei Avos 

Our lives today are so complicated and busy… How do we navigate relationships, connections, and that elusive work/life balance?

Based on the time-tested wisdom of our Sages, this book gives us the tools and principles to appreciate what is truly valuable, the clarity to see obstacles for the challenges they are, and the roadmap toward a balanced life rich with meaning, fulfillment, and joy—to live a life filled with beauty.

Mrs. Chaya Levine, Dean of Students, Neve College for Women

“The author’s ideas are fresh and relevant. In an age where so many feel pain and anxiety, comatose in a world that worships money and cold lifeless screens, this sefer breathes hope. She has ingeniously passed the lessons of our Avos to a generation that is searching for answers.”

Rabbi Menachem Nissel, author and educator

Gila’s vibrant, positive, and relatable style make her a sought-after and much-loved educator and coach with over twenty years’ experience. Together with her husband, Rabbi Samuel Ross, and their beautiful children, she has impacted communities in Germany, Canada, and the UK. They are known for their deep commitment to their students, which transcends geographical distances and continues long after their students have “graduated” their programs. Their fun, inspiring, and loving home makes it a top destination for those wishing to celebrate Shabbos and the chagim.

Gila has a passion for sharing Jewish wisdom and positive parenting to help transform relationships and lives. Her Power Up! podcast has been frequently recognized as a top Jewish Podcast Worldwide, allowing listeners to access her wit, wisdom, and inspiration in their own time. She has masterfully managed to teach Torah values that transform through using social media to reach Jews across the religious spectrum. Her writing has been published on,, and many print publications. She has also developed groundbreaking courses, Power in Your Hands, to empower participants to master a healthy relationship with technology, as well as Frustrated to Fulfilled, to help participants identify and achieve what they want.