Likutei Amarim TANYA Bi-Lingual Edition Hebrew English

Likutei Amarim TANYA Bi-Lingual Edition Hebrew English

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By Rabbi Schneur Zalman von Liadi
Author: Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
Translators: Nissan Mindel, Nissan Mangel, Zalman Posner, Jacob Immanuel Schochet
Publisher: Kehot Publication Society
Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover, 1160 pages
The Tanya considered the "Written Torah" of Chasidism, is now studied by tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life. The Bilingual Tanya has contributed enormously to this global interest, by both stimulating and sating the quest for deeper involvement in Chasidut, in those to whom the orginal Hebrew text remains inaccessible, not only on the intellectual level, but as a modus vivendi.
We are pleased to present a newly revised edition of the classic Likkutei Amarim Tanya - Bilingual Edition.
First published in 1973, the Bilingual Edition has become the standard translation of Tanya.
Seeking to bring the teachings of Tanya to an ever-wider readership, we have implemented the following revisions and features:
The Sefer has received a aesthetic facelift, presented in fresh, easy-to-read typeface.
The Hebrew text has been reproduced from the recently revised Hebrew edtion of Likkutei Amarim Tanya (Kehot, 2010).
The original translation of the five parts of Tanya was the work of a number of translators. As such, the rendtion of terms, the transliteration of non-English words, and the general system of translation varied from part to part. In the present edition, we have endeavored to provide a more consistent style throughout the work.
All outdated translations of Scripture found primarly in the Likkutei Amarim, Part 1, have been updated.
Numerous errors in the text and source footnotes have been corrected.
All footnotes appear on the page where they are refrenced. In instances where the English translation and footnores were too lengthy to appear on one page, the facing Hebrew text is repeated on the following folio, and the remaining English translation continues opposite. A grey bar alongside the Hebrew text denotes the section corresponding to the translation.
The english supplements section has been completely revised: to further enhance this section's usability, it has been renamed addendum, with an independent pagination system reading from left-to-right, and the information comprised therein has been restructured in a user-friendly order. The glossary originally appearing to Part I has been updated to cover all five parts of the Tanya, and detailed indices and a bibliography have been added.
Includes the title Mystical Concepts in Chassidism, an excellent guide to the intricate concepts of Jewish mysticism.