Life of the Soul By Rabbi Dov Ber Pinson Russian Edition

Life of the Soul By Rabbi Dov Ber Pinson Russian Edition

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Жизнь души.Еврейское учение о том,что нас ждет после смерти - Пинсон Д.

By Rabbi DovBer Pinson

Reincarnation | Near Death Experience | Souls
The Afterlife Journey | Resurrection | Heaven & Hell


    • What is a soul?
    • What happens to us after we physically die?
    • What is consciousness, and can it survive without a physical brain?
    • Can we remember our past lives?
    • Do near-death experiences prove immortality?

Drawing from ancient Jewish wisdom and a modern understanding of consciousness, Rabbi Pinson explores the possibility of surviving death, the near-death experience and a glimpse into what awaits us after this life.

From the Inside Flap

"Thereis no greater joy than the resolution of doubt" The opposite is equally true. When there is nagging doubtand crippling uncertainty there is little room for joy. All psychological pain stemsfrom insecurity and separation, whereas all real joy comes from clarity andconnection. 

Afundamental aspect of the fear of death is a fear of the unknown. Part of thepain we experience when a loved one passes is founded on a cripplinguncertainty of what happens next: 
Where does the person go? 
Where is their soul? 
What has died and left us, and what still remains?

When aloved one leaves this world there is a dreadful void and a deep cave of unknowndarkness surrounds us. It is a fearful place that we are forced to enter intoby circumstance where no light seems to shine. We are left with a rip in theseam of our certainty, a gaping hole in our understanding of life. 
Inexploring the great body of Torah and Kabbalistic wisdom regarding the soul that we have beengifted with, the intention is to illuminate the dreadful shadow of death andloss with the light of life, clarity and knowledge. 

About the Author

Rav Pinson is a world-renowned Torah personality, prolific author, and beloved spiritual teacher, a master of the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah. 

He has been hailed as one of the most important teachers of the generation. And is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on authentic Kabbalah and Jewish Philosophy and Wisdom.

Through his books, lectures and seminars he has touched and inspired the lives of thousands the world over, and continues to serve as a mentor to many thousands of students across the globe.

Rav Pinson has authored over 30 books, many of which have been translated into multiple languages, such as, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

Rav Pinson is the Rosh Yeshiva of the IYYUN Yeshiva/Kolel and dean of the IYYUN Center in Brownstone Brooklyn, NY.


Книга «Жизнь души» посвящена пониманию: что такое жизненный путь и опыт переживания смерти, что происходит с душой после смерти и как пережить боль утраты близкого. Автор утверждает: человек — это и есть душа, которой дано тело. Необходимо постичь это знание, чтобы тьма смерти и потери расступилась перед светом жизни.