Leviticus: The Inside Story – Volume III By Yanki Tauber

Leviticus: The Inside Story – Volume III By Yanki Tauber

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The Inside Story is a journey into the fascinating and empowering world of the Torah’s inner meanings. The korbanot (animal offerings) brought in the Holy Temple, the kosher dietary rules, the laws of ritual purity, the festival observances, the Torah’s approach to farming and business, the statutes governing employer-employee relations—all have their counterparts in the spiritual life of the soul. These seemingly “technical” laws also address the relationships between the selfish and altruistic aspects of our psyche, between our individual and social personas, between the objective and subjective truths in our lives, and between the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in equilibrium. Each of forty-eight essays in this volume, which are based on the Rebbe’s writings and talks, explore an event or law from one of the ten parashiot (weekly Torah readings) of the book of Leviticus, and bring to light its inner content and practical significance.