Kodiel: The Crown's Secret A Judaic Novel By Rebbetzin K. Katzen

Kodiel: The Crown's Secret A Judaic Novel By Rebbetzin K. Katzen

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"Hold this tightly!" The old man handed the rope to Kody, ignoring the loud noises made by the eagle, which was enjoying its taste of freedom. Kody felt a blast of air from the eagle's flapping wings, and although his hands were shaking, he held onto the rope with all his might. His grandfather was busy tying the end of the rope to the basket. They repeated the action six times and by the time they were finished, three large eagles were tied to each basket and Kody's fear of the giant birds had virtually disappeared.

But at that moment Jimmy flew up with a shriek, heralding the approach of Larius' men, the sound of horses' hooves pounding in the distance.

"They're coming!" whispered his grandfather, his hands shaking. Kody's eyes widened and he froze in terror.

Why is Kodiel so different from all the boys in the village?
What is the secret his father has been keeping from him?
And...can he possibly succeed in his mission?
Will Kodiel survive Larius' ambush?
Who is Omri really - friend or enemy?

Follow our hero as he battles forces of evil in a quest  to redeem his birthright.

Rebbetzin K. Katzen, a gifted writer, teacher of Torah, and kiruv professional for over two decades, weaves powerful meshalim from Chazal into a uniquely suspenseful novel with an enduring message. Come join the journey...

By K. Katzen