KASHRUS A Practical Guide (Dietary Laws). By Rabbi Sh. Wagschal

KASHRUS A Practical Guide (Dietary Laws). By Rabbi Sh. Wagschal

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Product Description

A newly revised and updated edition of Rabbi Wagschal's classic practical guide to kashrus
The laws of kashrus are central to Jewish life and encompass every aspect of food preparation and handling. The laws are also detailed and numerous, yielding a multitude of questions and concerns. In a clear and concise manner, Rabbi Wagschal addresses all of the laws pertaining to kashrus in a Jewish home, enabling every Jewish family to benefit from both the spiritual and physical merits of keeping kosher. Some of the topics covered include:
Ways that food becomes treif (unkosher)
Separation of milk and meat
Tevilah (immersing) and kashering utensils
Checking for insects in food
Pesach and chametz
Separation of challah
Food and non-Jews
Kashrus in cases of illness
Recognizing when to confer with a rabbi about kashrus
Rabbi Shaul Wagschal is a foremost halachic authority and the author of a number of popular halachic works. By presenting complex Jewish law in an organized, easy-to-follow style, Rabbi Wagschal equally addresses both the scholar and layperson. His books have enlightened and inspired the Jewish world for over half a century.