Just Imagine! The Miracles in the Midbar By M. Safra

Just Imagine! The Miracles in the Midbar By M. Safra

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An exciting, imaginative, modern-day portrayal of the miracles in the Desert

Dear Children,

After the Just Imagine! books that you all loved about Yetzias Mitzrayim, Kriyas Yam Suf, and many other important events ™ the subject of this next book was obvious to me. It is a book that brings us closer to understanding the wondrous miracles performed for our ancestors for forty years in the desert. Many of these miracles are not sufficiently well known. 

Some of them are not known at all. That is why this book is especially important, so that we can tell others and praise Hashem for these miracles that He performed for His dear children.

We cannot understand exactly how the Clouds of Glory, Pillar of Fire, or mann looked, or how other events described at length in the Torah actually happened. But we can do one thing: we can illustrate how great and significant these miracles were. Therefore, this book does not try to describe what actually happened then, but rather the way things might look, if these events occurred today.

The main message that I hope that you will all absorb from this book is the wonderful, sweet, lofty feeling that our forefathers felt as they walked through the desert, surrounded by miracles every step of the way.

Are you ready to head out on this imaginary journey?

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