I've Been Here Before: When Souls of the Holocaust Return By Sara Yoheved Rigler

I've Been Here Before: When Souls of the Holocaust Return By Sara Yoheved Rigler

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The compelling evidence of this book, that each one of us is an immortal soul carrying the baggage of past lifetimes, enables us to accept others—and ourselves—with compassion.

 “This book is an astounding work… The many personal accounts of those who have recollection of past lives linked to Holocaust victims are not only fascinating and inspiring, but can also strengthen one’s belief in the soul and afterlife.” —Rabbi Zev Leff

“As a son of Holocaust survivors, I learned that long after the years of my parents’ suffering, the nightmares lingered on. In this monumental work, Sara Rigler documents…the nightmares of so many born after the Holocaust.… This is an incredibly eye-opening and inspiring journey into one of the greatest mysteries of our times.” —Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Rabbi of Aish Kodesh Congregation, Woodmere, NY

“Beautifully written and compellingly argued, Sara Yoheved Rigler’s groundbreaking book is a significant contribution to our understanding of how the Holocaust continues to impact on the Jewish psyche and soul. Even for someone like me, who is an agnostic on the claims raised by this book, the stories told here present a formidable challenge to how we perceive the post-Holocaust era.” —Yossi Klein Halevi, NY Times bestselling author

“Sara Rigler makes a powerful presentation of fascinating stories that cry out for explanation. Even if you are a skeptic by nature, you will be struck by a dimension of the Holocaust that inexplicably reaches out to change lives beyond the passage of time." Rabbi Yitzchak Adlerstein, The Simon Wiesenthal Center

“Sara Rigler has written a powerful and gripping narrative…. The stories make for fascinating reading.”  —Rabbi Yitzchak A. Breitowitz, Rabbi of Kehillat Ohr Somayach

“This book is not only credible, it is important.”  —Rebbetzin Tziporah (Heller) Gottlieb, author and lecturer