Harmony at Home By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Harmony at Home By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

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Discovering the path to wholeness

“My husband isn’t into celebrating our anniversary. My friends get
fancy dinners, big vacations, expensive jewelry—I feel very deprived.”

“My ten-year-old daughter cannot handle the word ‘no.’
She screams at the top of her lungs with everyone staring at her!
I just can’t take this behavior anymore.”

“My young son is a walking thunderstorm. He ‘hates’ everything;
nothing ever pleases him. I feel so guilty for not liking my own child.”

Like it or not, our homelife forces us to confront ourselves and each other. Harmony is the product of this confrontation; it’s a state in which we’re at peace with our personal journey. How do we achieve such a state? Is it possible to enjoy harmony under such difficult circumstances?
In Harmony at Home, renowned family therapist and best-selling author Sarah Chana Radcliffe shares her unique approach to enhancing our peace of mind and sense of accomplishment throughout the highs and lows of family life—whether involving an insensitive spouse, a defiant child, impossible in-laws, or a demanding friend. With Mrs. Radcliffe’s insightful observations and innovative solutions, you will discover how to enjoy harmony at home with yourself and your loved ones.