Hard Hat Cat! (Israel) By Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh

Hard Hat Cat! (Israel) By Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh

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Of all the stray cats in Israel, a kitten sits high in a tree above girders, beams, cement mixers and cranes. Avi wants to adopt the friendly kitten although his mom―and the family dog― don't like the idea. But every day the clever cat comes back, becoming a family's "forever cat"!

Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh regularly writes for National Geographic KIDS. Her books include Can You Hear a Coo, Coo? and Listen! Israel's All Around. She is also a lyricist for pop songs, advertisements and motion pictures. She lives in Burbank, California.

Maxine Lee has illustrated projects from jigsaw puzzles to picture dictionaries. Her inspiration comes from many people, places and things but has deep roots in children's books and pop culture. Maxine lives in Liverpool, England, with her dogs.