Halachos of Tefillin, By Rabbi Shimon D. Eider (Student Edition)

Halachos of Tefillin, By Rabbi Shimon D. Eider (Student Edition)

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Rabbi Shimon D. Eider, zt"l, was a world-renowned Halachic authority. A trailblazing pioneer, he took vital, practical areas of Jewish life, and authored Sifrei Halachah that made daily practice in those areas accessible and understandable to all readers of his seforim. He had a remarkable skill for organization and clarity, features that are immediately evident in each and every one of his classic texts.
The Student's Edition of Halachos of Tefillin provides readers of all ages and backgrounds with a clear, concise, yet comprehensive presentation of the pertinent Halachos regarding the mitzvah of Tefillin Among the topics covered:
What Tefillin consist of
The procedure for putting on and removing Tefillin
Who is required to wear Tefillin
When Tefillin are worn
Kedushas Tefillin
Care & Maintenance of Tefillin
And more Ideal for both study and reference, this step-by-step guide is an invaluable resource, simplifying and clarifying the various Halachos associated with the precious mitzvah of Tefillin.