GPS for the Soul - Timeless Wisdom of Tanya & Chassidut. By Rabbi Nadav Cohen

GPS for the Soul - Timeless Wisdom of Tanya & Chassidut. By Rabbi Nadav Cohen

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As a result of the intense pace of life in our generation, many people rarely find the freedom of time to live life with deeper meaning. There is simply not a chance to peer beyond the technical, almost automatic way we have to function: with no slowing down to truly explore what really matters. 

The famous book Tanya, crafted by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the original founder of Chabad Chassidut, offers comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and guidance that is relevant to the life of every Jew. Its timeless message reveals how every individual is so much more - an intrinsic, precious part of the complete, expansive and wholesome fabric of the universe. 

This translated Tanya is a fundamental work on the teachings of Chassidut, saturated with enduring wisdom. 

If you ever find yourself wondering about the deeper meaning of life; if you ever grapple with the unique questions and the practical implications often asked by Jews; if you desire to strengthen your Jewish knowledge and awareness and if you truly seek an encompassing approach to all these life-enhancing queries - then this book offers tremendous insight. Written in modern, clear, and easy-to-grasp language, GPS for the Soul will help you in your intellectual and spiritual journey.