Going Kosher in 30 Days, By Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

Going Kosher in 30 Days, By Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

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Kosher is in. And going kosher is now easier than you think!
Going Kosher in 30 Days teaches the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher all the whys and hows of kosher.
Over eleven million people will buy kosher food this year, and the numbers are growing.
Today, more than 100,000 food products are kosher certified, with the average supermarket carrying nearly 25,000 kosher items
Learn what others have discovered. Keeping kosher is an extraordinary experience with countless physical and spiritual rewards
Set your own pace, advancing through Going Kosher in 30 Days one day at a time
You ll learn everything you need to know, from the early origins of kosher law, to how to bring kosher practice into your daily life
This book contains everything you need to launch your own personal path to kosher observance
Begin Going Kosher in 30 Days today and live kosher with greater understanding and deeper satisfaction
Hardcover: 284 pages
Publisher: Jewish Learning Group, Inc.; 1st edition