Genesis: A Torah for All Nations by Jeffrey M. Jaffe

Genesis: A Torah for All Nations by Jeffrey M. Jaffe

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Over seven billion people live on earth. According to Jewish tradition, they are obligated in the seven universal commandments, the Noahide laws. Where does God elaborate on His expectations for mankind? This book posits that the first eleven chapters of Genesis, which have little to do with the Jewish people per se, are thematically set apart as a teaching for all of humanity, a Torah for all nations. Jeff Jaffe's deep dive into the first eleven chapters of Genesis reveals a tapestry of forty-two essential messages. They address fundamental philosophical themes: the nature of God, reward and punishment, confession and repentance, the World to Come, and more. This handbook for humanity incorporates surprisingly contemporary messages about gender equality, the role of science and technology, stewardship of the environment, and the necessity of a positive partnership between Jews and the nations of the world. Traditional scholars will appreciate new insights, while all people will find here a unique perspective on the Bible s expectations of them.

Jeff Jaffe is Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Consortium at MIT. Previously he served in various senior roles at IBM (including Corporate VP of Technology), President of Research and Advanced Technologies at Bell Labs, and EVP/CTO of Novell. Dr. Jaffe holds a doctorate in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.