From Fear to Eternity By A. Lefkowitz

From Fear to Eternity By A. Lefkowitz

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Product Description

"10 Steps to Achieving the Benefits of Being Jewish
By A. Lefkowitz
No matter how you were raised or your current level of observance, From Fear to Eternity is a road map for any Jew who is seeking to acquire or intensify the pleasures of being Jewish.
For those born into observant homes, it provides a unique insight into the personal side of the journey
For those curious about living according to the Torah, it chronicles the path of least resistance
For the family and friends of those who have started to attend Torah classes or take on mitzvahs, it explains what their loved ones are going through, and what can be expected down the road
From fear to eternity is a conversation between Andy and Avi
It provides easy to understand answers to the questions that any Jew raised to call himself reform, conservative or secular, would ask a friend or relative who decided to become more observant
Hardcover 202 pages."