Feathers: A Jewish Tale from Eastern Europe Retold by Heather Forest

Feathers: A Jewish Tale from Eastern Europe Retold by Heather Forest

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A Jewish Tale from Eastern Europe
Words, like feathers fly in the wind, in the wind. Careless words, tossed about, cannot again be swallowed up.
Illustrated by Marcia Cutchin

Rumors and gossip can be permanent and damaging. The victim's reputation is harmed, and the trust in the community erodes. In this traditional folktale from Eastern Europe, a gossip is brought before a wise rabbit, who must teach her with a suitable lesson. His clever solution demonstrates vividly the consequence and permanence of words spoken in haste.

It is easy to spread gossip, but impossible to take it back. Heather Forest's rhythmic retelling reflects the pathos of the story and the wisdom of the rabbi. Marcia Cutchin's bright watercolor palette captures the activity of a traditional Jewish shtetl, where one person's business is everyone's business. This folktale from Eastern Europe teaches readers the importance of citizenship, trustworthiness and caring.

Heather Forest Bio:

Heather Forest's unique minstrel style of telling stories blends her original music, folk guitar, poetry, and prose along with song and the spoken word to give her stories an uncommon warmth and charm. She has toured widely performing her repertoire of world folktales for the past thirty years to theatres, major storytelling festivals, schools and conferences throughout the world. Heather's books have received many prestigious awards including the Children's Choice Award, Parent's Choice Award, CCBC Choices, ABC Best Books for Children, Best Children's Books of the Year, Book Sense Winter Children's Picks, and the National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA) among others. Heather is currently working on her tenth book with August House, a collection of ancient and epic tales. Ms. Forest holds a Master's Degree in Storytelling and she is a recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award presented by the National Storytelling Network. Her many performance credits include The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., The National Storytelling Festival, The Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, Tales of Graz Festival in Austria, the Sidmouth International Festival in England and the Glistening Waters Storytelling Festival in New Zealand.