EHYEH - A Kabbalah For Tomorrow. By A. Green

EHYEH - A Kabbalah For Tomorrow. By A. Green

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"According to the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, Ehyeh, or 'I shall be,' is the deepest, most hidden name of God. Arthur Green, one of the most respected teachers of Jewish mysticism of his generation, uses this simple Hebrew word to unlock the spiritual meaning of Kabbalah for our lives.
Blending Jewish theology and mysticism, Arthur Green invites us on a contemporary exploration of Kabbalah, showing how the ancient Jewish mystical tradition can be retooled to address the needs of our generation. Drawing on the Zohar and other kabbalistic texts, Green examines the fundamental ideas and spiritual teachings of Kabbalah, encouraging today�s modern seeker to stretch to new ways of thinking with both heart and mind, setting us on a rewarding path to the wisdom Kabbalah has to offer. Through wisdom gained from his own forty-year spiritual search for the Divine Presence within, Arthur Green challenges us to question the assumptions of modern consciousness, and by doing so open ourselves to learning from Kabbalah, a profound tool of human understanding."