Effective Jewish Parenting By Miriam Levi - Russian Edition

Effective Jewish Parenting By Miriam Levi - Russian Edition

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Product Description

Miriam Levi provides conscientious Jewish parents everywhere with the tools that can make their job easier and elevate the whole family's behavior in the process.
A renowned lecturer and writer, Mrs. Levi has conducted parenting workshops for two decades, in Israel, England, Canada, and the United States. As many have before, the reader of this new edition will be happily surprised to see how quickly profound changes can be wrought in the home with small modifications of a parentís outlook and approach.
With clarity and frankness, Mrs. Levi cuts through to the essentials, forgoing the confusing morass of conflicting dogmas about child-raising that can baffle even the most intelligent, well-intentioned parent. For those who want to expand and refine the skills, this book will serve as a wise, practical guide. For parents of a new generation not yet familiar with Miriam Leviís common-sense approach, this new edition will be a welcome revelation.
Yes -- it is possible to change long-ingrained habits. It is possible to discipline your children with love. And it is possible to become the kind of parent you want to be, one whose behavior is consistent with Torah principles.