Dirty Tzitzit - Shiny Neshama. By Tsivya Fox

Dirty Tzitzit - Shiny Neshama. By Tsivya Fox

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Children and adults alike smile the entire time while reading this charming, Jewish themed book. It is a heart-warming story with adorable, full-color illustrations. The book is generally written for ages pre-school-9 but everyone seems to enjoy it. This delightful tale reminds us that sometimes we need to look beyond what we see in order to find the good in many life situations. 8-year-old Zalman enjoys helping his friends and neighbors. Through his good deeds, he discovers that not every mitzvah is a clean mitzvah. He regularly hears his mother say, "More tzitzit dirt and kippa (yarmulke) grime?" His mother makes him a surprise party. All the guests tell her stories about how Zalman helped them in some way. She realizes that so many times when he came home dirty, he was actually assisting someone. She understands that Zalman might have the dirtiest clothes in town but he also has the shiniest neshama (soul) around.